Advocating Artisan Tea for Smallholders in Assam

The tea samples arrived with utterly unfamiliar names: Latumoni, Koliapani, Mandal Gaon, Pareng ― not a single marquis estate. Yet all were standouts. Every cup was supremely memorable. The teas were from Assam, sent by TheTea Leaf T

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6 thoughts on “Advocating Artisan Tea for Smallholders in Assam

  1. What an absolutely wonderful write-up.
    It being obvious that we share synergy and are on the same page as them, am going to reach out to Upamanyu Borkakoty and Anshuman Bharali.

    1. Thanks, Indi! Yes, it’s great to see the rise of artisanal teas in the work you do at Tea Studio, that Upamanyu and Anshuman have done with The Tea Leaf Theory. We are the lucky ones, who enjoy the results of all your hard work!

  2. Loved going through the article and more so because Upamanyu was one of my most favourite student, intelligent , Academics oriented and extremely polite boy. I am so happy to read about his venture and efforts he is putting in for popularizing small tea farmers.Encouraging youths in taking up small level tea cultivation would strengthen the backbone of our economy and will also help to tackle the problem of unemployment.In the years to come with the effort and hard work of the duo Upamanyu and Ayushmaan, The Tea Leaf Theory will surely scale greater heights.

  3. Thanks to the author for such a wonderful article. Kudos to the “The Tea Leaf Theory” team for doing this amazing job by helping the tea farmers to get what they deserve. I understand how much time and effort you must have invested for this project, but let me tell you this, great returns awaiting for your team soon. I wish all the very best to “The Tea Leaf Theory” team.

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