Harnessing the Inherent Charm and Potential of Farm and Forest Tea

As a tea enthusiast, the arrival of a well-traveled package from some dark corner of the tea map is always a thrill.  Especially when the box contains samples from deep forest, rebel growers, and/or a wild tribe.  The opened box exudes a breath of humid, local air from the source. A two-part series Part One: Harnessing the Inherent Charm and Potential of

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2 thoughts on “Harnessing the Inherent Charm and Potential of Farm and Forest Tea

  1. Interesting.
    Always a pleasure to see where tea is ‘going’.
    Unfortunately the world at large still considers that staid and unrecognizable cuppa as being tea! And folk such as we are treated as mavericks who don’t have their feet planted firmly on the ground.
    Live with the hope that this too shall pass!
    In the interim, we love what we are doing and will continue to do.

  2. Fascinating Kevin. I taste, smell and see the passion and care you and your partners bring to your work everyday in my cup of tea!

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