Fine Tea from the Island of Jersey

It began with the last word in potatoes. Discovered in 1878, the Royal Jersey Fluke potato variety made the island of Jersey the potato equivalent of Darjeeling tea. The Royal Jersey Fluke proved to be so exceptional that it was even granted a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). And thus, Jersey became known not only for its woolens and charming dark-eyed cows, but also for its potatoes. The next step forward is Jersey Fine Tea. Jersey is one of the insular pearls scattered across the E

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10 thoughts on “Fine Tea from the Island of Jersey

  1. Absolutely fascinating! What an amazing project. Admire the dedication.
    Am always bowled over by folk who think out of the box.
    Like to believe that your project and ours shares the same ethos.

    1. Hi Indi!!! Thank you for for reading about my project! I met you at the Tea Studio a few years ago on a tour with Young Mountain Tea. You and Muskan are such an inspiration! I hope to visit Coonor again in the future, it’s such a magical place. I hope the tea is lush in India! x

  2. Congratulations Alicia! So happy you found your calling and this unique opportunity on this tea farm in the Island of Jersey. We were together in India on a tea tour with Young Mountain Tea and Nigel Melican. Looking forward to tasting your tea ! Joyce

  3. Incredible and fascinating project and story. Growing tea on the Island of Jersey is trail blazing, so innovative. Congratulations and hope can try some of this tea someday!

    1. I would love to taste your tea, but I live in the US. Should I just order from your website?


      Yvonne in San Francisco

  4. What an inspiring endeavor! In a world full of tea, the future certainly lies in bespoke processed, niche market premium teas.

    Wish you all the best and looking forward to follow your progress.

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