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Electric Brewers

Patented Aero-Brew infusion system delivers great taste with touch-panel convenience. Brewer has 9 presets and variable temperature function to meet all your needs. Remote control and real-time tracking from start to finish makes this an IoTea (internet of things) smart kettle with fully customizable brew times to 1 second and temperature to 1-degree (Fahrenheit or Celsius).

Tea Caddy

Tea Utensils

This Japanese tea caddy is made entirely of cherry wood to preserve your most treasured teas. Meticulous hand-work in the small town of Kakunodate results in an astonishingly lightweight, waterproof container. No two alike, the rich cherry color changes hue over time.

Review: Tea Aroma Kit by The Scents of Tea

The Tea Aroma Kit: Mastering Tea’s Language of Smell is an experiential tool consisting of 45 vials supported by a short guidebook and a mapping of the scents in relation to how they are formed in the stages of tea processing.


This artisan teapot is glazed with a Yaobian Jianzhan glaze that glimmers and shines with entrancing patterns and depth. Made in a traditional Xishi shape, the interior has a large ball filter and the teapot has an excellent pour.


This To Go Gaiwan is glazed on the interior and exterior with green ruyao. The set stacks and can be carried in a cloth bag for easy transport. The glaze will form distinctive patterns over time known as crazing, leaving a crackled history of the teas that you steep.

Tea Accessories

This whimsical design of this felt teapot purse is inspired by artist Akori Lee Mitsune's love of tea. Made from high quality felt with a polyester lining over polyurethane for shape it is both fashionable and functional. 

Corvo CPK

Electric Kettles

Brew an expert cup of tea with this brainy and beautiful Fellow Curvo EKG electric kettle. Variable temperature controls deliver 1200 watts of power for a quick heat time. Readouts in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. Built in stopwatch to time steeps and a 60-minute hold mode to keep the pot hot.

The Unforgettable Scent of Tea

As part of its Peking Opera perfume range, Reclassified has created six exotic perfumes with tea compounds as the main component. The names chosen for each perfume are linked poetically to Chinese tea - through many twists and turns of traditional Peking Opera.

Tea to Go, Please

Serious tea drinkers want to ensure their beverage of choice is always available, even on leisure or business journeys.

Pet-tea-gree or Mut

Green tea’s famed antioxidant powers are not just for humans. If you’re looking for holiday treats for cats and dogs that are several that are not only tasty but good for them.

Show Your Love of Tea

Delicate necklaces and cute charms are one of many ways to display your love of tea.

Tea Gifts for Children

From nursery rhymes to imaginary parties with dolls and teddy bears, tea time captures children’s imagination like nothing else.

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