Beach Time, Tea Time

Beach Time, Tea Time

Tea is the perfect accompaniment to your favorite outdoor spot

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Take Your Tea on a Picnic

Enjoying tea and food outside allows you to soak up nature’s vibrant energy. Tea-party picnics act as a soothing tonic for our overstimulated bodies and remind us that the simplest things in life often come with the greatest rewards.

Family and friends gather for a fun tea-themed barbecue

How to Host the Ultimate Tea-Themed BBQ

Tea makes everything taste better, from BBQ sauce to spice rubs and frozen desserts. Learn how to use tea to cook delicious party food. Whether grilling outdoors with friends or enjoying a picnic on the beach, the Summer Fun issue is packed with suggestions for entertaining outdoors with tea-themed recipes and iced and cold-brew teas, pitchers, brewers, utensils, and gifts.

Taking Tea in the Wild

Camping season is in full swing. Whether you're into car camping, hiking, backcountry camping, or canoe camping, one thing you will not want to leave behind is your favorite tea. In this article, Tea Journey explores five teas that are perfect for camping, considering their portability, ruggedness, flavor, and functionality.

Camellia Sinensis Iced Teas

Summer Teas & Tisanes

While the sun is shining, grab a refreshing pitcher of iced tea. Whether you do all the cooking yourself or tell everyone to bring their favorite tea-inspired dish, you’ll have a good time outdoors drinking tea.

BRU Maker One

Electric Brewers

BRU is on a mission to simplify the tea-making process. This innovative brewer offers the freedom to set your brewing time, water temperature, and cup size at the twist of a dial and push of a button that allows you to perform a ''stacked steep'' with three different infusions. The first infusion maximizes the tea's aromatics, the second extracts natural sugars, and the third extracts phytonutrients and polyphenols. The machine saves your previous settings so you can quickly repeat the process without changing the settings every time.

Tea Blends & Boxes

Tea gift sets fit to take to the office, be it across town, or upstairs! A variety of teas sure to delight.

Cornelia Bean | The Wall

Tea Brewers

The award-winning glass tea infuser, The Wall, is a simple and clean way to infuse tea, herbs, and berries in a single cup. The glass cup has a fused glass strainer to keep the leaves from your mouth, allowing for a full, unrestricted infusion.

Tea Utensils

A beautiful tea tray byThéières du Monde will elevate your tea ceremonies. This finely crafted wood tray is ideal for a traditional gong fu style tea tasting for dad.

Jane Pettigrew's World of Tea

Tea Books

Jane Pettigrew is director of studies at the UK Tea Academy and, in 2016, was awarded the British Empire Medal for Services to Tea Production and Tea History. This book covers more than 60 tea-producing countries, explaining their history, terroirs, various cultivars, manufacturing processes, types, local tea culture, and rituals.

Palais des thés | Organic Summer Fizz

Iced & Cold Brew Teas

Many types of hot teas readily adapt to cold brew as well as a summer favorite: Iced tea. Here are some suggestions, from black to white, green to Assam, that will make relaxing outside just a bit more cool and tasty. 

Overmont | Camping Kettle

Camping Kettles

Ah, nights by the campfire under the stars with a warm cup of camp-brewed tea! Designed with both safety and practicality in mind, this kettle’s ergonomic handle is wrapped in insulated plastic to protect hands from heat. A pointed continental spout allows for easy steam exit, lowering the risk of scalding injuries. The kettle can be used on an open fire, and heats water in only 3-5 minutes.