Romance of Tea 2024
The Romance of Tea

The Romance of Tea

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Tea Romance Books

Tea and Romance Between the (Book) Covers

Teatime allows us to slow down and savor life – and what better way to savor life than by escaping with a good book? Put on the kettle and nestle into your favorite chair to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a romantic read. These tea romances explore many relationships: romantic, friend, family, and even our relationship with ourselves.

Tea infused chocolate

Romantic Tea Infused Chocolates

Give the tea-loving chocoholic the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day with tea-infused chocolates. There’s an ideal pairing for every kind of tea and chocolate. Finding the right combination produces a union that delights the palate and raises the individual components to a higher level. Make this Valentine’s Day a triumph by offering your loved one exciting new sweets they’ll never forget!

Strawberries and Cream biscuits

Tea Sweets for Valentine’s Day

Tea-infused delicacies are the perfect way to show someone you care. From buttery matcha shortbread cookies to fragrant macarons, there are plenty of ways to spread the love this Valentine's Day. 

Cooking A Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner With Tea

What makes a meal genuinely romantic is the amount of thought and love that goes into it. Truffles and lobsters are lovely, but all that matters is the joy and adoration infused into your cooking. Tea imparts an energy that warms the heart and soul for this reason. It takes a lot of care and devotion to produce a good tea. Tea is a powerfully alluring ingredient to cook with because of its energy and complex layers of flavor and aroma. Captivate and delight your partner this Valentine’s Day by cooking a romantic dinner with tea that’ll be unforgettable.

Genmai | Jade Chocolate

Tea Confectionery

Consider one (or more) of these gift possibilities for the Valentine who loves tea and chocolate. Sweetly sentimental! 

Turkish Tea Pot

Electric Kettles

Electric kettles are much more convenient, faster, and safer than using the stove or microwave to heat water. Kettles should ideally permit heating water to several pre-set temperatures. Delicate floral teas require far lower temperatures than robust black tea or Pu'er. Safety shut-offs, efficient boilers, and sturdy construction with comfortable handles and wide mouths for filling are minimums.

ZENS Mobile Moon Express Series Bright Moon Mini Twin Ceramic Travel Tea Set

Tea Sets for Travelers

Friends don’t let friends drink hotel-room tea. Serious tea drinkers want to ensure their beverage is always available, even on leisure or business journeys. Help them tea travel in style with the elegantly designed Mobile Moon set, which includes a teapot, a lid with filter, a cup, and a hard-shell travel case available in several colors, including Coral Red and classic Zen black (dark blue shown).

Nepal Tea Collective | Maya Box

Tea Gift Sets for Romance

Share a cup of love with Maya, blooming tea’s sensual flavor journey. Renew your senses with top notes of fresh eucalyptus layered with hints of dark and sweet plum. Maya’s lingering aftertaste of sweet mangos will evoke sweet memories of summer romance.

Romantic Garden Tea

Romantic Teas

A sweet herbal tea of peach, pineapple, and lemon myrtle, Romantic Garden conjures up the poetic atmosphere of a garden strewn with delicate fruits and blossoms.

A Social History of Tea

Tea Books for Gifting

Whether it's gorgeous coffee table books, intimate tea memoirs, or comprehensive volumes on the different tea regions of the world, tea lovers, love books about tea. Making them the perfect gifts for those tea enthusiasts in your life. 

BRU Maker One

Electric Brewers

BRU is on a mission to simplify the tea-making process. This innovative brewer offers the freedom to set your brewing time, water temperature, and cup size at the twist of a dial and push of a button that allows you to perform a ''stacked steep'' with three different infusions. The first infusion maximizes the tea's aromatics, the second extracts natural sugars, and the third extracts phytonutrients and polyphenols. The machine saves your previous settings so you can quickly repeat the process without changing the settings every time.

Brook37 Corporate Gift Hamper

Corporate Gifting Suggestions

Consider presenting clients and staff a corporate gift for the holidays that is guaranteed to impress.

Cornelia Bean | The Wall

Tea Brewers

The award-winning glass tea infuser, The Wall, is a simple and clean way to infuse tea, herbs, and berries in a single cup. The glass cup has a fused glass strainer to keep the leaves from your mouth, allowing for a full, unrestricted infusion.

Wedgwood| Paeonia Blush 3 Piece Set

Tea for Two Gift Sets

Sharing a divine cup of tea or two with your sweetheart is always romantic. Make it even more special with one of these tea-for-two gift ideas.

Rory Dobner| Red Love Sugar bowl

Romantic Teaware

Teaware is more than a vessel. Consider the cheerful design of your favorite sugar bowl that brightens your morning, the comfort of a sturdy mug warm in hand, and a cup for couples.

Mariage Frères| Love Pot


Gather round and bring a favorite cup, for the kettle is whistling on the boil. The water extracts more antioxidants and healthful flavonols when black tea is steeped for at least five minutes. Teabags will do in a rush, but filling (and draining) these unusual and appealing teapots with tea is always a delight.

Jewelry for Tea Lovers

Each Valentine’s Day, there are more amusing tea-themed jewelry choices for both men and women. And each time your loved one wears one of these gifts, they’ll think of you. What’s not to love?

Teasy | Dove White (double-walled borosilicate glass)

Tea On the Go

Teasy is an innovative infuser designed to bring out the delicate flavours and true taste of your loose-leaf tea. With Teasy you can see the tea as it steeps, and with just a twist of the wrist, you can separate tea from the leaves at just the right moment. Your tea will have its full flavour without being over-steeped.

English Afternoon Tea Apron


Show the world your love of tea by wearing comfortable and clever puns, tea humor, brilliant observations, and shared wisdom.

Nepal Tea Collective | Tea Club

Tea Clubs & Subscriptions

Annual subscriptions for tea are growing in popularity more many reasons. Subscription plans are convenient and encourage tea discovery. Tea sellers love the flexibility of offering a range of teas that reveal current trends and consumer preferences for organic teas, for example. Bagged or loose-leaf, herbals or single-origin limited editions, tea clubs are a good value and great way to learn about tea.

TEA WOOD® Tea-scented precious incense Case of 20 sticks

Delightfully Unexpected

Under the midday sun, the warm winds exalt the scents of tea, which have left their olfactory imprint on the woodwork of century-old tea factories. The burning caresses of the rays release a woody, dry, and delicate tone. Box of 20 tea-scented precious incense sticks

Heritage Stove Top Kettle

Stove Top Kettles

Hear the kettle boil! Simple classics with elegant lines, sturdy stand-bys, kettles that make a fashion statement, and modern marvels with integrated thermometers.

Whittard | Stoneware Matcha Bowl

Tea Mugs and Bowls

Teaware from matcha bowls to sturdy mugs and delicate China porcelain will find its place in the kitchen, home office, and on the dining table. Convenience, color, and style make this category a favorite for gifting.