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3 TEA Jigsaw Puzzles

by paula winchester enterprises llc/Twelve Winds Tea Company - 2 weeks ago

65c6fdfe-cb0f-3dec-b815-21d6fbeb779a.jpeg12ace724-fc6e-3f53-b7c7-70b4b40164f2.jpegd41684ed-17d3-33ff-9c81-09e2714459fc.jpegThree different TEA puzzles for your family's enjoyment or for a tea lover's gift. The Chai Wallah's Shop with recipes, Taiwanese Tea Pluckers, and the 1929 ad Winter Comfort resplendent with pets, plants, books, chocolates, cozy winter wrap, and a fantastic tea set on a howling, blizzardy day.   All ready for you to put together, have some fun with a friend and that hot cup of tea or poured over ice.

A friend sent me this photo... she had put together her Taiwanese Tea Pluckers puzzle. She reported no puzzle dust and that the 300 little pieces fitted snuggly together.  I was glad to hear the good news about a finished puzzle. This photo  was taken when I travelled with Thomas Shu and Josephine Pan's TOST trip 2010.  Enjoy!  Some puzzles have been shipped off to Taiwan and London. Where will yours go?  SUPPLY GETTING LOW, so plan ahead for the holidays.

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