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BRU: how does it help with steeping your tea?

by BRU - 2 weeks ago


The BRU Maker: unlock the greatest value from your tea 

Our innovative, automated tea-brewer gives you the freedom to enjoy any tea you like including loose leaf or tea sachets and get the greatest ''value'' from each cup. The BRU machine allows you to perform a ''stacked steep'' with three different infusions. The first infusion maximizes the tea's aromatics, the second infusion extracts the natural sugars and the third infusion extracts the phytonutrients and polyphenols. This steeping process allows you to get the most ''value'' out of your tea in terms of flavor, health benefits and aromatics. BRU makes this easy by allowing you to steep your tea without the usual mess involved.

Simply set your brewing time, water temperature and cup size at the push of a button or select one of the presets. This connected, and patented device is a must for your home or office. Your previous settings are saved so you can quickly repeat the process – it’s a high-quality, quick and convenient solution for tea drinkers

The innovative cleaning feature keeps the BRU Maker fresh and clean after each cup of tea.  Program it to make your first perfect tea of the day ready for you when you wake up, or use the cold tea mode where the machine automatically adds water to instantly cool down your tea for immediate consumption or an easy way to make iced tea!

You can brew any tea you like, loose leaf or tea bags, with a consistent, effortlessly repeatable flavor with no mess and no fuss - no need to buy expensive tea capsules or pods to use the BRU Maker.

The first machines are produced and will become available in December 2022. It’s taken us over two years of development and testing to bring you the BRU Maker, now you have the chance to join us in our journey.

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