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Oriental Tea, The Gate to the Finest Chinese Teas!

by Oriental Tea - 1 year ago

c91b286c-3726-397c-8bac-daf230a9c3c6.jpeg4d76df0b-3c26-3c52-b0cc-5871ec7d9a76.jpeg6f8f6d90-2158-3bf1-8899-e2012936ba01.jpegCertified Organic Tea Manufacturer! 

Contact us to get the FULL set of certifications! 

Aim at Helping Farmers Project

Since 1946!

1. Tea factories in Fujian Provinces, save you 30% or more cost!

2. Advantaged for WHITE, JASMINE, GREEN, OOLONG tea! 

3. Tea production history since 1946!

4. Professional export team for 20 years, well know import regulations!

5. Certified National Tea Masters of over 20 years experience in the team for QC!

6. Customized Private label available ! 

7. Free Design + Videos + Pictures!

8. Pesticide testing assurance: Green Tea leaves + Finished Tea Samples + Bulk Tea 

9. Full payment refund ( tea + shipping) if bulk tea not matching.

10. Complete certifications: Eurofins/ ECO CERS/ Rain Forest/ FDA

11. Our staff rarely leave the company, and everybody loves drinking tea everyday! 

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