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by paula winchester enterprises llc/Twelve Winds Tea Company - 3 weeks ago

Looking for interested persons in joining my unusual tea book club?  This would be hosted at my home where tea and nibbles would be enjoyed based on the regions we read.  A list would be given out at the time of joining.  There would be a charge of $10. per meeting approximately every two months.  Having traveled to Sri Lanka, India 3x, Japan, China, Taiwan and the UK all to study the how and wherefores of tea life; my interest and knowledge is vast. By visiting my website www.paulawinchester.com  and clicking on tea stories you can travel with me on a few of my worldwide jaunts. Previously, I have posted my risograph poster artworks on all the tea growing regions of India, as well as, my "4 Cat Nip toy for the TEA LOVER'S FELINE"   -  plan ahead!!  I make in small batches and the holiday season will soon be upon us. 

This is a photo I took in China 2008 of a Song Dynasty tea tree, which was well protected with gates across the road. We had to walk through the village to gain access, while being scrutinized,  and were guided by a knowledgeable person in the deep misty mountain fog.  We could not even find our bus on our return. 


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