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Tea With Susmita

by Tea With Susmita - 1 year ago

"Tea... is one of those rare treasures, enjoyed throughout the world, that actually benefits health." - Kit Chow


  • Tea Blends by Susmita

    Indian Breakfast tea :

    A heavy bodied, aromatic tea blend of three distinctive Teas of India to give you the perfect morning experience.

    Romance Tea :

    A blend of two green teas along with jasmine flowers to keep the romance intact in your life.

    Celebration Tea : 

    Who needs Champagne when you have this Celebration Tea! A blend of aromatic black orthodox / whole leaf tea with rose petals, pistachio and two secret ingredients to make your evenings a time for celebration every day.

    Rose Tea :

    Rose petals, saffron and a secret ingredient for a surreal experience of aroma, flavour and exoticity – get high on life tea.

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