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Tocha Organic Tea 20% Off + FREE SHIPPING

by Tocha Organic Tea - 1 year ago


Uses only ingredients that are certified organic and pure, as nature intended.  It is not possible to wash tea before brewing, so it is important to make sure the ingredients are free from harmful chemicals before they reach the cup.

Never uses any kind of flavorings or artificial ingredients. Neither artificial or “natural.”  We believe in honest ingredients. What you see is what you get — to taste, savor and enjoy!

Plant based compostable tea sachet material. Our pyramid tea sachets allow for optimal brewing and convenience, yet eliminate the risk of plastic leaking into the cup.

Produces teas and blends that promote wellness as part of your daily lifestyle. We precision-blend popular botanicals from diverse cultures to achieve inspiring flavors, fragrances and real-brewed-tea quality, providing you a daily holistic option for your healthy lifestyle.

Promote sustainable and responsible agriculture, cultivation and harvesting through the use of organic ingredients. Organic and sustainable cultivation methods are good for the health of the farmers and people who live and work on the land.

5% profit goes to help funding clean water projects worldwide. More than 1,000 children under 5 die every day from illnesses caused by unsafe water, and Tocha is taking part in the effort of fighting this.

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