Summer Teas & Tisanes

To beat the heat, there’s nothing quite like iced teas, and here are some great ideas to make your summer just a bit cooler.

Camellia Sinensis Iced Teas

Camellia Sinensis Iced Teas

Camellia Sinensis | Iced Teas

Summer In Nilgiri Iced Tea

Our first 100% natural iced tea, with no added fragrances. It combines two teas from our Tea Studio and a blend of soothing herbs. The result: a perfect blend of the fruity aromas of the Mao Feng, the zesty liquor of the Bai Mu Dan, and the floral notes of lavender. Ideal for an afternoon relaxing under the sun! $12 CAD | 50g

Holiday in Fiji Iced Tea

The mouth-watering combination of herbal notes and gourmet accents of wild blackberries, combined with the fresh floral aromas of jasmine, make for a thirst-quenching drink. The exotic color of the infusion is reminiscent of a tropical lagoon, thanks to the presence of the blue pea flower. Cold brew 2.5g for one cup $12 | 50g

Lisbon Sunshine Iced Tea

Make a simple, homemade iced tea with this delicious blend. It gives 6.5l of tea in the fridge for up to 5 days. A black tea with seductive fruity and spicy accents that will brighten your day with its juicy peach and ginger notes. Enjoy without moderation on the terrace this summer! Cold brew 2.5g for one cup $12 | 50g


KEIKO | Supreme Organic Japanese Matcha

KEIKO | Supreme Organic Japanese Matcha

This mild yet aromatic Matcha Supreme – freshly ground in Germany – is ideal for both connoisseurs and new discoverers of Matcha. It has a very intense color and a complex scent. Matcha Supreme is characterized by its smooth, almost creamy taste and intense yet mild aftertaste. | 1 x 30 gr tea

41.00 € |


Moya Macha | Organic Matcha Tea

Find time for yourself during the holidays by preparing this grassy, sweet, organic matcha green tea from premium 1st harvest leaves. Its rich, mellow sweet taste will warm your body up after a long walk outside!| 30g 

20,95€ |


White Peony| Awakening Tea

Sweet and soft in taste with a tender accent, this herbal tea mixed with a selection of spices will help you reconnect with your motivating forces. | 50g





Lune Tea | Inner Peace Tea

This infusion with sweet notes of cinnamon and tulsi also contains adaptogenic ingredients such as reishi mushrooms to help the body find balance as fall approaches. An infusion to find your inner peace and relax during the holidays! | 45g

45,00 PLN |


Britannia Teas

Britannia Teas | Single Estate

Britannia Tea | Single Estate Classic Range

Our journey began in the distant past, trading tea along the Silk Route. Generations later, Britannia Tea, based in London, remains a family business with deep roots and expertise. We are fully dedicated to selecting our teas with care from the finest tea gardens worldwide. Britannia Tea is committed to making as sustainable and environmentally friendly products as possible. All packaging and pyramid teabags are 100% plastic free and 100% compostable. Buy four packs of Fairtrade teas for the price of three.

£13.50 | Loose Leaf Assam Tea + 16 pyramids | Loose Leaf Green Tea + 16 pyramids |

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