Andrea Lillo

How Millennials Take Their Tea

Tea may still take a back seat to coffee in the U.S., but it is gaining ground as more and more consumers enjoy its versatility, its health aspect and its variety of flavors and blends.

Stylish Teapots

Having the perfect teapot on hand can only enhance the tea experience—especially with so many teapots available, each with its own personality and functionality.

Treasured Taste

In a category filled with smooth ceramic surfaces, the Twelve Tastes Teapot by Spin Ceramics stands out. Made out of rare Zisha clay, the teapot is produced through an involved, meticulous process.

Brewing Euphoria

For tea lovers who appreciate the complexity of tea—and have $1,500 to spend—the new Teforia machine employs advanced machine-learning to take tea’s thousands of years of history and modernizes it for today.