Arielle Dédéyan

Fortnum & Mason | Father’s day hamper

Gift Sets for Dad

A memorable family feast awaits with The Father’s Favorites Hamper. From some of our most delicious cheeses to our very own ale and one of our most beloved teas, this wicker is brimming with plenty of treats for hungry dads who deserve nothing but the best. Perfect for a celebratory picnic in the great outdoors or in the comfort of one’s home.

Fortnum & Mason | Bachelor Louis-Philippe Tea Pot

Dad’s Silver Service

Our elegant silver-plated tea set, as used in Fortnum’s restaurants, has proved so popular that they have created this smaller, bachelor version of the teapot. Perfect for tea for one or two people, its classic style will be a credit to your table.

Whittard | Stoneware Matcha Bowl

Teaware Dad Will Love

Teaware from matcha bowls to sturdy mugs and delicate China porcelain will find its place in the kitchen, home office, and on the dining table. Convenience, color, and style make this category a favorite for gifting.

Dammann Frères | Camel tea bags travel holder

Tea Accessories for Dad

This practical pouch for carrying tea bags slides easily into a pocket, handbag, luggage… Fill it with a few tea bags of your choice and be ready at any moment and wherever you go for an instant tea in your favorite flavor.

Mariage Frères| Love Song Music Box

Romantic Teas

A music box of tea, lovely tins and blends for lovers. The Romance of Tea brings to your cup the subtle spices and rich flavors to accompany chocolate desserts and delicacies shared by loving companions with good taste.

Mariage Frères| Love Story Teapot


Valentine’s Day is all about revealing one’s feelings, just like tea leaves unfold in a glass teapot. The gentle curves and theatrical style create a remarkable aura around this LOVE STORY teapot; the expertly chiseled spout, the ornately sculpted handle, the unabashedly beautiful, dizzyingly high neck. Numbered edition, as unique as your love.

Mariage Frères | Fall In Love Incense

Delightfully Unexpected

Discover a sophisticated tea fragrant incense reminiscent of Oriental amber notes. In its billowing brume we float to distant corners of the world. Forceful like life, tender like love, heady like passion, dizzying like sudden happiness, this fragrant incense is sure to inspire fanciful reverie… And romance.

Le Creuset | Zen Stove Kettle


Taking the time to bring a kettle to boil before enjoying a cup of tea in the morning is a great way to start your day. Do it in style with this Zen stove kettle by Le Creuset with its oriental-inspired lines and resplendent enamel finish. A perfect utensil to boil water and prepare your favorite beverages.