Arielle Bove

Romantic Garden Tea

Romantic Teas

A sweet herbal tea of peach, pineapple, and lemon myrtle, Romantic Garden conjures up the poetic atmosphere of a garden strewn with delicate fruits and blossoms.

Tea Pitcher


The imaginative and extravagant Borek Sipek invites us to visit a world similar to the circus and Italian opera buffa: the characters are all there, from the decanters with stoppers similar to a clown cap to the jugs with skirts and arms resting on the hips and the jugs-jar with colored ribbon handle

Tea Blends & Boxes

Tea gift sets fit to take to the office, be it across town, or upstairs! A variety of teas sure to delight.

Palais des thés | Organic Summer Fizz

Iced & Cold Brew Teas

Many types of hot teas readily adapt to cold brew as well as a summer favorite: Iced tea. Here are some suggestions, from black to white, green to Assam, that will make relaxing outside just a bit more cool and tasty. 

Fortnum & Mason | Bachelor Louis-Philippe Tea Pot

Dad’s Silver Service

Our elegant silver-plated tea set, as used in Fortnum’s restaurants, has proved so popular that they have created this smaller, bachelor version of the teapot. Perfect for tea for one or two people, its classic style will be a credit to your table.

Tea Accessories & Hampers

This practical pouch for carrying tea bags slides easily into a pocket, handbag, luggage… Fill it with a few tea bags of your choice and be ready at any moment and wherever you go for an instant tea in your favorite flavor.

Mother's Day teapot gift

Mother’s Day Teapots

Trendsetters rely on a stylish home with the Wine- red deer. The elegant Blackberry style perfectly combines modernity and tradition with the classic theme, thus having its finger on the pulse of time. Each piece is made by hand and is a real unicum.

AC Silver | Art Déco Sterling Silver Tea Set

Silver Service

Because mothers are icons, they deserve iconic teaware. This fine vintage George VI sterling silver four-piece tea and coffee service consists of a coffee jug, teapot, cream jug, and sugar bowl. A tea set for legendary moments.

Sips by.| Mom Mug

Teaware Mom Will Love

Teaware from matcha bowls to sturdy mugs and delicate China porcelain will find its place in the kitchen, home office, and on the dining table. Convenience, color, and style make this category a favorite for gifting.


Valentine’s Day is all about revealing one’s feelings, just like tea leaves unfold in a glass teapot. The gentle curves and theatrical style create a remarkable aura around this LOVE STORY teapot; the expertly chiseled spout, the ornately sculpted handle, the unabashedly beautiful, dizzyingly high neck. Numbered edition, as unique as your love.

Arielle’s Favorites

Stocking stuffers like these lovely tea jellies from Paris and shortbread from Scotland are sure to please young and old. Browse this collection of tiny tins, tea utensils, special spoons, and handy gadgets that are perfect for holiday fun.