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Tea Journey’s Tea Gifting Issue

Tea Journey Gifting Issue

 Tea Journey’s Tea Gifting Issue

It’s the Season for Giving

By Jennifer Quail

It’s the holiday season and the beginning of a new year; what better time to take a look at what’s trending in tea drinking regions and highlight the many ways in which tea lovers can share their passion with friends and loved ones. This issue offers a curated look at the terrific tea gifts available for tea drinkers young (very young!) and old, novices and master brewers, the curious and the traditionalist. From tea pots for parties to brewing in dorm rooms to decorative ways to sweeten your favorite cuppa, you’ll find it all here.

Then go beyond gifting with us as we look at tea drinking trends from around the world, travel back in time to the Boston Tea Party, and wrap it all up with delicious recipes for the holiday season and beyond.

Here’s to a terrific holiday and a very happy New Year!


The Going Gongfu tea set from The Tea Spot.

Holiday Hosting

By Melissa Kvidahl

Every party guest knows it’s considered rude to show up empty handed. And what do most partygoers reach for when searching for a quick and easy hostess gift? Wine, of course. But, according to many experts, tea may be just as good a choice—if not a better one. 


A Yule Log of Tea

By Shengbi Chen
Photos by Qui courtesy Cha Dao Life
Retold by Si Chen

Imagine under the Christmas tree a five foot long 80-pound log of compressed tea – a Yule log of steeping pleasure to last the year, Kilos of this unique post-fermented tea from Anhua are stuffed into a compression tube designed for easy transport by horseback. The tea dates back to the Qing Dynasty (1820) but is little known in the West. Tea Journey documents this proprietary and complicated manufacturing process exclusive to a single family until 1952.



By Cynthia Gold

This Italian holiday classic is incredibly moist and more tender than you will believe. Although the hands-on time is not long, you’ll want to plan two days ahead to tea brine your pork belly overnight, then rub it with tea, herbs and spices and allow it to sit another night before slowly roasting. READ MORE

Jasmine Tea Cured Salmon
Middle Eastern Kahk (cookies)
Cranberry Apple Preserves
Tea Ghee

Tea Nog


Tea: A User’s Guide

By Tony Gebely

If you are one of those who load the software and ignore the user’s guide then regret never fully utilizing its features you need to read this book. Tea is as complex as you make it — many dunk and run, but if you savor the nuance and want to really immerse yourself in tea this book contains the most thoughtful and detailed insights since Lu Yu. 275 pages, $20 (PDF Download at World of Tea). Also available on Kindle at LEARN MORE

Tea Gifts for Children

By Jessica Harlan

From nursery rhymes to imaginary parties with dolls and teddy bears, tea time captures children’s imagination like nothing else. Perhaps it’s the element of ritual, or the opportunity to be fancy with dresses and good manners. Or perhaps they just like the way it tastes! Whatever the reason, if a child in your life is fascinated with all things tea, encourage their exploration into this vast and wonderful tradition and it’s bound to turn into a lifelong passion. READ MORE

Holistic Health for Adolescents

By Dr. Nada Milsosavljevic

How yoga, aromatherapy, teas, and more can help adolescents get and stay well. Nada is Tea Journey’s contributing editor for health and wellness. She is a faculty member at Harvard Medical School, founded the Integrative Health Program at Massachusetts General Hospital, and is the first MD/Certified Tea Specialist (CTS) in the US.  $21.95 W.W. Norton & Co. LEARN MORE.

The Sweetest Sugar

By Jessica Harlan

According to sugar lore, an injured finger inspired the sugar cube in the mid-1800s. When his wife hurt herself while cutting sugar from the household chunk, Moravian sugar magnate Jacob Krystof Rad pressed sugar into cubes, sized perfectly to sweeten a cup of tea, and presented a box of them to his wife.  

The sugar cube has evolved since then, and although it’s not as commonly used as other forms of sweetener, it remains a nicety that makes any tea tray or table a bit more special. 


               Tea Forte Pugg Teapot (Poppy Fields)                      Primula Cast Iron Teapot

 Every year, Tea Party re-enactors take us back to that historic day in 1773.

Celebrate History: The Boston Tea Party Anniversary

By Stephenie Overman

Outside the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum a group of costumed re-enactors toss crates full of tea into the harbor. It’s Dec. 16, the 243rd anniversary of the American colonists’ protest against British rule.

Inside the museum, safely tucked away behind glass, the Robinson Half Chest artifact sits on display.

The morning after the original tea party in 1773, a teenager named John Robinson found the tea chest buried slightly in the sand near the shore. He kept the chest throughout his childhood and it was passed down from generation to generation, according to the museum. It is believed to be the only tea chest that survived the Boston Tea Party.


The Tea Salon at Fortnum & Mason, Piccadilly London

Featured Article: Tea Trends in the UK

By Liza Casabona

The quintessentially English custom of afternoon tea is experiencing a serious renaissance in London with dozens of hotels and tea salons offering both traditional services and those updated for a modern palate and sensibility.

Tea as a consumable is still an entrenched part of everyday English cuisine; the UK Tea and Infusions Association estimates the British drink 165 million cups of tea a day, more than double the amount of coffee consumed. However, the tea most picture, the traditional ritual of afternoon tea, has evolved from daily occurrence to occasional indulgence or special event celebration in the modern era. However, it still draws people in and remains relatively unchanged from its Victorian roots.


Margit and Victor Vesely at the Westholme Tea Farm

ORIGINS: Evolution on the Farm

By Rita Fong

Victor Vesely and his wife Margit Nellemann believe the artisan wulong from their “experiment” is finally ready for prime time.  As it turns out, the residents of the coastal Cowichan Valley along the Pacific coast of Canada’s British Colombia are as ready as they.


The Doke River crosses the plains south of Nepal

ORIGINS: Garden by the River

By Dan Robertson

It took ten years for Rajiv Lochan to acquire and consolidate various plots into a single garden known as Doke Tea, an organic farm along the south bank of the Doke River in Bihar, India.


Interested in seeing Doke Tea garden for yourself? Meet Rajiv  Lochan and learn about Darjeeling and Indian tea production October  7-20, 2017 on a World Tea Tour’s Tea Tour of India led by Dan Robertson. Join a pre-tour to learn about Ceylon Tea (Sri Lanka) Oct. 2-6. Click for detailed itinerary. Learn more: World Tea Tours.

Behind the Mind

Behind the Mind
Listen to a podcast on the joy of tea with Tea Journey founder Dan Bolton (SKIP forward to 13:50 on the playback bar)

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