Tea Has Lots of Chemistry

Tea lovers know it’s a delicious drink. They’re used to hearing claims that it’s good for you, too. But how is that, exactly? After years of study, Tufts University Professor Jeffrey Blumberg, PhD, compares drinking tea to eating your fruits and vegetables. “Tea is a healthy drink,” Blumberg confirms. “It has no calories and it […]

For the Hostess, Tea is the New Wine

Looking for that perfect hostess gift? According to many experts, tea may be just as good a choice as wine—if not a better one.

Green Tea Supplements under Scrutiny in Europe

The European Food Safety Association (EFSA) is under renewed pressure from the European Commission to investigate the safety of concentrated green tea catechins in supplements.

Weighing the Promises of Tea’s Weight-Loss Benefits

Although there’s certainly some evidence, and lots of hype, that the catechins and/or epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in green tea promotes better weight management, the number of human studies in this field is still quite limited.

The Key to Weight Loss: Is it Caffeine or Tea Itself?

Connections have been shown in the past between caffeine-containing beverages and weight loss. But what is it that actually produces the result? In the case of tea, is it the caffeine or is it the tea?