Felicia Stewart

New Zealand’s Tea Evolution

New Zealanders are determined tea drinkers ranking 6th worldwide in per capita consumption. Supermarket teas dominate but offerings have evolved beyond canisters of traditional loose-leaf blends. Artisan merchants and entrepreneurs have found their niche in specialty tea blends so expect further expansion and innovation.

Garden Hopping in Queensland

Visitors to the Northern Queensland, Australia, can still find a handful of tea estates in an area called the ‘Wet Tropics’ – go there before the rest of the world catches on and lose yourself in the peacefulness and timelessness of a heritage that’s gone but not forgotten.

Beginner’s Bonsai

Bonsai master Bob Langholm offers these instructions for caring for a miniature C. sinensis plant in your own home. Leaves from the beautiful little tree on your table also make a fine cup of tea.

Bonsai: Master of the Miniature

Just as in the world of tea, there is a gulf between mass-produced and master-produced bonsai. A true artist’s worth is measured by how well he manipulates a plant to make it a thing of enduring value, a work of living art that evolves and changes over time.