Suzette Hammond

Keving Gascoyne, Camellia Sinensis

Taster Sensation Kevin Gascoyne

My introduction to tea was unspoken and visceral.  Humble mugs of the strong, milked ‘builder’s tea’ of my youth in the North of England still fill me with nostalgic pleasure whenever I’m in the U.K. My body chemistry has never been without the magic nectar. – Kevin Gascoyne

Inside the Taster’s Practice

Experiencing the taste of tea and then describing that experience in spoken and written language is an art and a science, dependent on both inspiration and a lot of hard work. Professional tasters discuss some of the key questions about their craft.

Nepali Tea Opportunity

A lack of infrastructure, a lack of capital, difficult politics, natural disasters and the very tough competition next door – these are the challenges faced by Nepali tea farmers trying to bring their unique high mountain tea to market. But there’s progress happening and there’s hope for the future.

Tasting Notes: Georgian Tea

What kind of tea is coming out of Georgia these days? Well, it’s not your (Georgian) grandfather’s tea! We recently sampled a green and some black teas from producers reviving a tea industry that under the Soviet Union was once the world’s fourth largest producer.