Origin India: Tamil Nadu and Kerala

The Western Ghats, South India Backbone of South India The six-hour drive south from Balanoor Tea Estate in Karnataka to the storied Nilgiri District of Tamil Nadu skirts Mysore city, engages with endless hills of shade-grown tea and coffee, then climbs to a plateau studded with charming agricultural villages producing corn, cucumbers, mangos, palm oil and rice. We move int

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2 thoughts on “Origin India: Tamil Nadu and Kerala

  1. Very nice, long overdue essay!
    A li’l more attention to typos please – Charmraj (Chamraj is the brand name-dwb) / Udukki (Idukki is the district and tea estate-dwb) / Perry Agro (Parry Agro is the correct spelling-dwb). — Thanks for catching those mistakes Krishna, all since corrected-dwb

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