Remembering Devan Shah

On the phone, my young friend sounded rather shy but proud and excited, and I accepted the invitation at once. His first imports, six chests of tea, had arrived in his in-laws’ garage. We could taste them there if we promised not to scratch the hood of the Buick. His father-in-law doubted the wisdom of starting a tea business, saying Americans don’t drink tea, but Devan had replied, "Then I'

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7 thoughts on “Remembering Devan Shah

  1. I remember Devan Shah when he taught the very first classes for the Specialty Tea Institute in Las Vegas way back when. His words “the tea bushes will tell you what they need” after he discussed how a tea estate carefully watched over the fields by walking them every day. He also taught me what it takes to support the tea village that worked the tea estate from their schools, community center, hospital to the seniors home. At the time I remember thinking he was discussing a village the size of Lawrence, KS, where I went to the university in the late 60s. Tea was no longer just a drink after hearing Devan’s words.

  2. When we started our tea company, we went to the Los Angeles Tea Festival. I met Devan, shared some tea, and invited me to get Indian vegetarian lunch (we are both vegetarians) together and talk tea. Sadly, lunch never happened. On the day we launched our product Devan, Chado, Waterfall were going to be guests at the World’s largest tea tasting we were hosting, he died that day. He is still missed today.

  3. Devan was quite the personality – always welcoming, always helpful, always willing to listen and give thought to the inquiries of others. He seemed to rarely tire of sharing his knowledge of tea.
    A generous personality like this is difficult to find, and impossible to forget.
    His essence lives on in the teacups of all who knew and loved him.

  4. When i opened the TSalon 1992
    it was Devan who was there collaborating on tea ideas
    he was always available
    we laughed together we explored the tea world
    he had amazing kind heart ❤️ compassionate
    human being
    I miss him daily
    miriam novalle

  5. The first tea order I ever placed for my new tea business was with Devan at ITI. Both Devan and Norwood helped guide me through the learning curve. I thank them both as I continue on this ever expanding journey….

  6. Good to think of Devan. He was a wonderful happy and jolly person with a smile that never faded. A simple heart and a man with a strong focus on tea. I really enjoyed his company. A good friend.

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