Tea and Heart Health: Benefits of Long-Term Consumption

A new study from China’s Wuyishan Municipal Hospital reconfirms the benefits of regular tea drinking on preventing hardening of the arteries. Arterial stiffening can reduce lifespan and increase risk of cardiovascular diseases like heart failure and stroke. The study, “A Cross-sectional Study of the Relationship between Habitual Tea Consumption and Arterial Stiffness,” was led by cardiologist Qing-fei Lin and published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. More than 6,

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3 thoughts on “Tea and Heart Health: Benefits of Long-Term Consumption

  1. Did the study state if the type of tea (green, black, etc) effected the results or if all types of tea provided the same benefit?

  2. Since the study was done in Wuyishan probably most tea drinkers would drink Wuyi oolong teas or even green/red(black) teas which are also available locally.

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