Dan Bolton

Orange Blossom Tea Spoons

Tea Utensils

These Orange Blossom Spoons are cast in pewter from an orange tree and finished in antique bronze. Accented with freshwater pearls and 24kt gold and silver plated orange blossoms. Crafted by Canadian Michael Michaud as part of his Table Art series which is modeled on natural botanical material.

Elephant Tea Mug


Wrap your cold hands around the plump round body to warm them up on a chilly day. The elephant mug holds your tea and the head stores the spent teabag, the tail forms the mug handl

BRU Electric Brewer

Electric Brewers

BRÜ offers you the freedom to set your brewing time, water temperature and cup size at the twist of a dial and push of a button. The machine saves your previous settings so you can quickly repeat the process without having to change the settings every time. You don’t need to buy expensive tea capsules or pods to use BRÜ.

Holiday Gift Sets

Tea vendors make the holidays special with gift sets for any occasion. Here are five that caught our eye at Tea Journey.

Cuisinart CPK

Electric Kettles

Cordless 1.7-liter PerfecTemp stainless steel electric kettle with six preset heat settings and blue LED indicator lights. The power base offers 360-degree swivel for convenience. The scale filter is removable and washable and the kettle is equipped with boil-dry protection and auto safety shutoff.

The Unforgettable Scent of Tea

As part of its Peking Opera perfume range, Reclassified has created six exotic perfumes with tea compounds as the main component. The names chosen for each perfume are linked poetically to Chinese tea – through many twists and turns of traditional Peking Opera.

Children’s Tea Books

Emma Lea creates a memorable afternoon for she and her dad with the help of grammy’s recipes and mamma’s crafts. She takes pride in being able to do most of it by herself.

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Instantly promote your teas to 20,000+ passionate tea drinkers

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