Dan Bolton

Tea Gifts for Father’s Day

Globally fewer men drink tea than women but tea culture varies greatly by region and custom.  During the past decade, the stigma associated with men sipping tea has eased. In ancient times Japanese samurai drank tea and statesmen continue that tradition. Popular magazines like The Art of Manliness post helpful guides like this  “Primer on the Manly Tradition of Tea”  and on the big screen Jean-Luc Picard, the captain of the US Starship Enterprise drinks tea. What more needs to be said?

Holiday Gift Sets

Tea vendors make the holidays special with gift sets for any occasion. Here are five that caught our eye at Tea Journey.

Children’s Tea Books

Emma Lea creates a memorable afternoon for she and her dad with the help of grammy’s recipes and mamma’s crafts. She takes pride in being able to do most of it by herself.