Tea Lovers: Set an Example that Others Will Follow

There is no need to fear contagion from tea, a beverage proven to boost your immune system with beneficial phytochemicals that combat inflammation. No one is going to contract the COVID-19 coronavirus from drinking tea. Here are the reasons why: All tea for sale whether from China, India or Africa is nearly a year old. It was harvested long before the December outbreak in Wuhan. The entire

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6 thoughts on “Tea Lovers: Set an Example that Others Will Follow

  1. Please consider an article on pollution and pesticides in tea; particularly those from China and India.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Thomas, this is one of the most informative articles on pesticides. It is authored by Peter Keen. https://teajourney.pub/pesticides-tea-getting-clear-picture-not-vague-impression/

      In June I interviewed Zheng Guojian, director of China’s National Tea Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. He describes a very effective program to monitor contaminants in export inspected Chinese tea. https://worldteanews.com/tea-industry-news-and-features/chinese-tea-quality-director-explains-zero-growth-action-plan-for-pesticides-and-fertilizer

  2. It was very surprising to learn that people are avoiding buying Chinese tea. It is something that I had never thought about. I assume that your article will reduce the anxiety that some people feel regarding Chinese tea.

  3. I have a large tea room and tea shop in the UK and I’ve not had anyone even suggest there might be a problem with tea from China. Interesting article though and at least I’m ready with the information if needed.

  4. We were greatly affected by the tariffs in 2019 and 2020. Unfortunately, with the appreciation of the RMB and the doubling of cargo shipping costs, 2021 will be even harder for importers like us.

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