Tea Gifts for Father’s Day

Dad’s Tea Day

Globally fewer men drink tea than women but tea cultures vary greatly by region and custom.  In ancient Japan, tea was the province of men. Samurai drank tea and statesmen continue that tradition. Worldwide it is men who process the tea and women who tend the gardens. During the past decade, the stigma associated with men sipping tea has eased. Popular magazines like The Art of Manliness post helpful guides like this  “Primer on the Manly Tradition of Tea”  and on the big screen Jean-Luc Picard, the captain of the US Starship Enterprise drinks tea. What more needs to be said?

Tea Journey’s gift recommendations include manly teas and teaware and practical suggestions for clothing and utensils. Janis Hashe’s research also turned up some surprises like this tea liquor.


You knew this had to be out there, right?” writes Janis. “And sure enough, from Poland’s Tatra Mountains, comes a tea-based herbal liqueur, Tatratea. Grain alcohol is blended with black tea, herbs, and fruit extracts to create what might just be Dad’s new favorite cocktail ingredient. $29.99 | www.hitmewine.net

My idea of the perfect gift?

It has been months since I canceled every flight on my calendar. As a father and grandfather, I certainly kept busy tasked with looking after my children’s children during the long months at home. Now I’m longing to travel. In my idle moments, I daydream about a “Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea” surrounded by family and friends at the Celtic Manor in Wales. It’s a dream come true for locals who visit the manor, tee up for golf and then gather round for a cuppa at a reasonable £12.50 per person. I’m pleased to see the dainties are substantial and the venue exercises appropriate precautions with contact-free service. Will you join me in this Father’s Day Fantasy. Gift certificates are valid for 12 months.

Dan Bolton

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