Si Chen

Ju Pu Cha

The uplifting citrusy aroma from dried tangerine is deftly balanced with the plummy, earthy and glowing vintage puer.

Palette for Your Palate

Thirty world-renowned chefs and mixologists were challenged to create a recipe for a tea entrée, tea dessert and tea cocktail, drawing inspiration from Tealeaves’ teabag collection and one out of 10 PANTONE colors.

Hong Kong Museum of Teaware

Destinations: Flagstaff House Teaware Museum

The production of Yixing tea ware experienced a revival at the beginning of the 19th century, which emerged in tandem with the change in intellectual tastes. Yixing teapots were cherished by the literati for their elegant designs and simple forms, which matched the aesthetic tastes associated with tea drinking at that time.

Teabags too Charming to Compost

Most tea connoisseurs will choose loose leaf over a teabag. But one New York artist is doing something wonderful with teabags that you can’t do with loose leaf.


The Chinese tea industry, responsible for a third of global tea production, will remember 2016 mainly for the challenge of recovering from severe spring frost. Early spring tea was hit hard but the late spring harvest made up somewhat for the early losses. It has added up to overall lower sales compared to 2015, especially for the higher grades.