Puer Chazuke (tea over cooked rice)

Serving: 2 Ingredients: Rice mélange: 1/4 Cups, Cooked White Rice 1/4 Cups, Cooked Brown Rice 2 Tbsp, Cooked Black Rice Vegetable Mix: mushroom 100 gram julienned carrots 100 gram any green leaves 100 gram beancurd sheet 20 grams edamame bean 20 grams Crunchy Topping: 3 pcs Nori sheets 1 tsp black sesame 1 tsp white sesame 10 gram peanuts Soak brown rice and black rice in water for 4 hours. Mix and cook with regular white rice So

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1 thought on “Puer Chazuke (tea over cooked rice)

  1. Wow that must be yummy. Since one choose the pu’er tea to be used the flavour would be customisable to one’s taste.

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