How Chinese Describe the Aftertastes of Oolongs

You may see Tie Guan Yin tea advertised as having a “Yin Yun” or “Yin Rhyme” aftertaste, and Wuyi rock teas as having a quality called “Yan Yun” or “Yan Rhyme” aftertaste. What would rhyme have to do with a tea’s aftertaste? With respect to rock teas, “Yán” means “rock.” but it also is close in pronunciation to “yáng,” a term that ref

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2 thoughts on “How Chinese Describe the Aftertastes of Oolongs

  1. When I visited the Wuyi Mountains in 2008, I was told a the name for the River which I think is a bit more poetic:
    The River of Nine Windings

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