Andrew McNeill

Tea Journey role: Advisor

TJCONTRIBUTOR_Andrew McNeil - high resI began working in tea in 2005. At Seven Cups, I serve a variety of roles including operations management, quality assurance, copywriting, and translation.

What Tea Journey Means to Me

Tea Journey is an important and ambitious periodical. In the past, publications for the English-speaking tea enthusiast were limited to the content of western industry contributors. It’s long since time that tea enthusiasts in the west have access to a journal that not only includes writing from countries of origin, but makes it a vital part of its content. Moreover, Tea Journey’s inclusion of historians, scientists, and expertise outside of the merchant sphere marks an important development in the type of perspectives that interested tea drinkers have access to.

By the diversity of its content alone, Tea Journey is poised to inform a new and global appreciation of tea in its readers. I am thrilled to see this project launch.

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