How Tea Can Improve Your Milk Supply

Many mothers feel they don’t produce enough milk, especially in the earlier days, weeks, or months after giving birth; after all, when you breastfeed, you can’t see exactly how much your baby is eating. What if increasing your milk supply was as easy as brewing a cup of tea? With the right blend of natural substances – herbs known as galactogogues – you may be able to increase your milk supply with just a few cups of tea per day. What is a Galactogogue? A galactogogue is a natura

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1 thought on “How Tea Can Improve Your Milk Supply

  1. Americans conflate tea (Camellia sinensis plant) with the act of infusion, referring to any infusion as a tea. While I do not discount the value of the information provided (nor its allied inclusion), to refer to the tisanes/herbal infusions described as tea is a misnomer.

    I understand this is a pedantic distinction, but I expect such from an international, authoritative resource.

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