Restful Tea and Tisanes

Restful Teas Tea is popular around the world as a sleep-inducing drink. However, not all teas will put you to sleep. Camellia sinensis and the assamica cultivars contain caffeine that sometimes makes it difficult for you nod off. Different types of herbals energize, induce sleep, and act as an anti-inflammatory. If you are wondering if tea will help you sleep better, the quick answer is "yes" so long as

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3 thoughts on “Restful Tea and Tisanes

  1. If you drink sufficient tea (as I do) you become habituated to caffeine. I can sleep blissfully even with tea at bedtime – green or black (or even espresso coffee) has no effect on my slumber.

  2. Agree Nigel. Black tea does not impact my time for sleep either but as such I am also not a napper so black tea during the day keeps me active and awake so prefer a herbal at night. Mind over matter? Maybe. Rooibos with passion fruit, lavender, chamomile or valerian is my choice for night. For calming and immune rebuild while I sleep.

  3. With coffee I’m up until 4 a.m. Never with tea of any kind. It’s amortized by the theanine and doesn’t have the same effect…that jolty coffee caffeine feeling.

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