Glowing Skin – The Effects of Silver Needle on Skin Health

I overheard someone at a tea shop speaking about Silver Needle white tea, and while I had heard of this delicate tea and seen it many times, I had not taken the time to understand its many benefits. Quickly piping up, I asked the person (who was buying 200 grams of the tea) what makes the tea special? They were quick to rave on the topic, explaining that they had been drinking this tea every day for the last 15 years and that their skin has never felt healthier. They didn't necessarily understan

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1 thought on “Glowing Skin – The Effects of Silver Needle on Skin Health

  1. Considering white tea and green tea come from the same plant, what makes Silver Needle better for the above mentioned health benefits than green teas with the same picking grade like Mingqian green teas?

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