Tasting Notes: Wang Hai Green Tea

Tasting Notes Wang Hai tea is a complex, delectable green tea. The 2019 vintage sells for $25 for a 62-gram canister. Consider a daring variation by steeping this tea at 100 degrees Celsius for 15 seconds. The result is a deliciously sweet, creamy, caramel toffee flavor. Lower temperature to 80-90 degrees Celsius for following infusions, adding an extr

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3 thoughts on “Tasting Notes: Wang Hai Green Tea

  1. Dear Jaq,
    a few days ago I received a package of wanghai tea from a friend coming back from his hometown in China to Germany. I had a long journey already through many different teas, green teas especially, and I must say this wanghai is surely one of the finest I have tasted.
    Thanks to you, I also got to know something about the background of the tea and how to prepare it.
    Thanks a lot! Hope to read more from you.

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