The Art of Earth and Fire

  Jian Zhan teaware inspires poetic praise among its ardent lovers and devotees. Over the centuries, these unique teacups were called "the sacred vessel of tea", the "king of teaware" and the "vessel born for tea." Tea Buyer's Guide Reading the Leaves Preserving the Life of the Leaves Chigusa: Ancient Japanese Diaries as an Art of Tea [/su_pu

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2 thoughts on “The Art of Earth and Fire

  1. Any recommendations on where to find artisan Jian Zhan pieces for someone who lives in America? There appear to be very few places selling work by craft masters and other skilled artisans online. With the pandemic, I don’t see myself getting to China for a buying trip any time soon.

    1. Hi Matthew. Sorry for the late reply. I can help you with a purchase if you like, once I get back to China.

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