The Studio: Muskan Khanna

The drive to the Tea Studio takes one into the Badaga hamlet of T.Manihatty in Tamil Nadu. The strikingly modern structure of the Tea Studio with its rust red roof stands out gorgeously against the lush green hills surrounding it. It sits at an altitude of 6,070 feet (1,850 meters). Inside, the compact machines managed by an all-women team is a scene unlike what one finds in an In

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3 thoughts on “The Studio: Muskan Khanna

  1. What a great article, thank you;
    I have met Muskan’s father and of course heard a lot about her Tea Studio, but was not aware of the Badagas Community aspects, have also heard about the clever machinery to process the leaves in Chinese ways, and the cooperation with Canada’s Camellia Sinensis team;
    would love to use all this material for a report in my French “tea newsletter”;
    One question: what about organic certification? a major share of the output ??

    1. Dearest Barbara,
      You may reproduce the article on The Studio so long as you attribute the work to Tea Journey as I retain the copyright.
      Eager to discover other tea people of import in similar profiles. Readership continues to advance at the magazine, now with 20,000+ subscribers. It takes years to establish a reputation as you know, and Tea Journey is still at the beginning of its own journey but progressing. It is satisfying to see that more readers outside the US now subscribe than within. Our relationship with origin is authentic and the writers are so grateful to be given an opportunity to leisurely and at length describe the goodness they find not just in the leaf, but the people who make their living in tea. If you are so inclined, I really appreciate your passing along a FREE TRIAL offer to your own network. Simply send them the link This entitles them to THREE FREE ARTICLES A MONTH FOREVER (or at least as long as I carry forward with this project, which is now quite dear to my heart.) With warmest regards and respect, Dan

  2. Both Muskan and her father are absolutely fantastic to deal with. The tea is superb and with such a great ethos, the Tea Studio will go far by promoting and creating new beautiful teas for us all to enjoy.

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