The Tea Scientist: In Tea He Trusts

Gurmeet Singh’s eyes light up at the mention of the word ‘tea’ and the prospect of a conversation about it. Like so many great tea lovers, he too confesses that not a day goes by when he does not engage with tea. He calls himself a “compulsive steeper” who enjoys pottering in his garden to pick an herb here, a flower there to add to his tea. Gurmeet tweets as the Tea Scientist where much talk abou

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5 thoughts on “The Tea Scientist: In Tea He Trusts

  1. Gurmeet,
    Fascinating. As fascinating as interacting with you whenever you’re up at the Tea Studio.
    Its tea-holics like you who make the world a better place.

  2. Excellent article Gurmeet. Destiny got you hooked to the thing that you liked the least. When are you coming to Delhi. Chai chalegi?

  3. A beautiful article with limited audience, people like Gurmeet Ji should be highlighted for the younger generation to take up role models. Anything nature had given to humanity can never be a waste, it is meant for humans to take the benefit. Therefore, it is imperative to protect nature (forestation) is needed.

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