Tea Discovery: Thousand Tael Tea

Photos by Qiu, courtesy of Cha Dao Life Magazine Retold by Si Chen With its striking look, Thousand-Tael tea stands out of the post-fermented tea family. post-fermented tea, or dark tea ('Héicha'), is a class of tea that has undergone microbial fermentation, from several months to many years. The tea is little known in the West for a couple of reasons: it has an unattractive look and the taste is acquired, but it is noted to have ample health benefits. The microbial family in post-fermented

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3 thoughts on “Tea Discovery: Thousand Tael Tea

  1. I’m very eager to try this tea out, I take it that I should steep it much like pu’erh? Thank you for sharing about this tea, very well done!

  2. @Teajourney – Thank you for the lot of information I appreciate any bit I find about dark tea.

    @rstudd – only not to brew is done the wrong way!
    Pu’er (either sheng or shu) is post-fermented and belongs in the dark tea group. Generally these teas are washed/warmed once for a few seconds and then brewed for drinking with boiling water. I mostly brew the gongfu way but you can also brew western (large pot, steep some minutes) or even leave the tea leaves in the teapot on a heating source. Experiment to find your preferred way. You can also add milk or/and sugar, herbs, spices, flowers, honey…
    I have even seen offers of tea at shops selling tea mixed with coffee (kinda clash of titans). The only limit is your imagination.
    – try different styles of brewing,
    – it is about having a tasty enjoyable drink, it is not religion, it is not science
    – keep in mind: only not to brew is done the wrong way
    Who am I? 48-year old former scientist now handicapped due to a tissue destroying chronic disease. I drink mainly Chinese tea the whole day long (I order directly from China) having more tea at home than an average supermarket (weight and classes and brands and…)
    Currently drinking Hunan Anhua premium dark tea from COFCO China Tea – Dark Tea Garden HeiJing Zhuan from 2014 May 21st. It comes as 2 100g chocolate bricks in a black folding box with gold printing. Ah, and the brewing method is gongfu in a gaiwan 🙂

  3. @AlexFromSwitzerland –
    Great advice, thank you! I found I had to let this steep a little longer to really bring out the flavors and with the compact nature it helped to break it up some manually then steep with near boiling water. Great tea and thankful to this article!

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