Announcing the Health & Wellness Issue

The fact that tea plants were cultivated in neolithic settlements in China centuries before the pyramids were constructed attests to the beneficial aspects of this remarkable plant. Not only did boiling water for tea greatly reduce water-borne illness, tea itself provided essential benefits to brain and bone, blood and organs. Primitive cultures such as the Singpho in Assam to this day prepare ointments, tinctures and tonics to obtain health benefits supported by modern science. The 20

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2 thoughts on “Announcing the Health & Wellness Issue

  1. Lately, I’ve read tons of blogs on the benefits from Purple Tea (Kenya).
    But, isn’t the purple tea a genetic modification?
    Is it really better than green tea?
    I tried the experiment with adding lemon squeezed juice to it, and it did not change its colour.
    Therefore, even though we are selling this product, I was not convinced. Anyone has any experience with purple tea? We got the purple tea from Katea Inc. (

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