Looking for that Special King of Duck Shit Aroma?

Highly-sought Phoenix wulongs mimic fruits, flowers, and herbs to delight the senses with uncanny aromas. Nothing is added. Fertile soil, high elevation, and mist combine to make a complex and aromatic tea so prized that growers on Fenghaung Mountain in China’s Guangdong Province famously gave Ya Shi Xiang an unattractive name to keep its cultivation secret. Word got out and King of Duck Shit Aroma is just one of many Phoenix wulongs named for their unique and very specific character. Tea t

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1 thought on “Looking for that Special King of Duck Shit Aroma?

  1. Love your blog,

    two places I recommend for truly excellent Dan Chong are Imen Shah of Tea Habitat and Tashi Lam(found on facebook)


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