Tea and Women’s Health

Female-specific health benefits of tea One of the most encouraging outcomes of the vast volume of research studies on tea is the consistent accumulation of evidence of its positive impacts on key areas of women’s quality of life and protection from dangerous ailments. These are most marked for postmenopausal older age groups. The four main areas of tea’s benefits for wome

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3 thoughts on “Tea and Women’s Health

  1. I truly enjoy reading about the wonderful benefits of tea. My tea company focuses on the many health benefits and our mission is to decrease obesity, diabetes and heart diseases.
    Keep writing!
    The Teatroiter LLC

  2. Great article – THANK YOU. there is seemingly a reduction, especially in UK and Europe, in keeping the health benefits of tea before the public. WHY? Have we given up the competition against coffee?
    2 significant points, perhaps most relevant to men. 1. EGCg is strongest in green tea, but (a) green tea is not as palatable as black tea (b) black tea has about 80% as much EGCg, so all we have to do is drink stronger tea [black] 2. Men especially, and some women also prefer coffee because it has stronger taste and has more caffeine. SO, again, drink stronger tea! the theanine in tea offsets the bad side of caffeine. let’s get real about TEA DRINKING! Chris Lightfoot

  3. Wonderful read! This is why I’ve gotten into the tea business. It’s such a simple and affordable way to incorporate better health choices.

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