Tea Discovery: Jin Jun Mei is a Wuyi Red Legend in the Making

Daniel Hong’s whimsical online profile picture has him adorning a Charlie Chaplin hat with an oversized black cardboard moustache. Chinese millennials don’t usually do whimsical, so I thought I might soon be meeting an over-the-top eccentric. Our online exchanges, on the other hand, had me worrying t

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3 thoughts on “Tea Discovery: Jin Jun Mei is a Wuyi Red Legend in the Making

  1. I enjoyed this article about Daniel Hong. This is exactly how I perceive him to be, someone who knows his tea history and culture but is ready to take it to a more modern and experimental level. After experiencing a mind-blowing black tea from Daniel made from the Mi Lan Xiang Dan Cong cultivar, I realized that this man is changing the future of Chinese tea and making it more approachable a younger public.

  2. Hello,
    There is a tea that got given got given to me about 6 years ago from a friend of a friend when they came from China visiting Sydney and I still kept the packet all these years wondering if I could ever find it again. It was the nicest Tea I have ever tried. The only problem was that the gold packet has all Chinese writing over it and I myself can not read Chinese. However, I managed to ask a Chinese lady what this packet of Tea said and she said it is a Red Tea and it says wuyi.? Is there anybody that can help me to find this beautiful Tea again, i am longing for this tea Big Time.

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