Tea: Investing in Your Long-Term Bone Health

Most studies of the medical benefits of tea are inconclusive. They are packed with “Tea may… might… could” and “More studies are needed.” Green tea may help prevent cancer…” “This research suggests that…” and the like. The link between tea and bone wellness is, by contrast, largely free of conditionals and inconclusiveness. Tea improves bone health and protects against some severe maladies of aging. The inevit

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3 thoughts on “Tea: Investing in Your Long-Term Bone Health

  1. It’s a bit ironic making this comment given that I’m currently nursing a broken bone, but I’m glad to find out that I have started a healthy daily habit early enough to reap the rewards later on down the track. It’s so hard to distinguish fact from fiction in the tea field. I’m glad Peter Keen is on the Tea Journey team to guide us.

  2. Nice article! It’s worth mentioning that this beneficial effect of tea and bone health appears to be negated if milk is added to tea due to casein protein bonding to the antioxidants and thus preventing their bioavailability. Moreover, studies have shown that populatios that consume the most dairy have the highest instances of bone fractures and osteoporosis. So drink tea and leave the milk for the cow!

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