Tech tools: Enhancing Tea Without Reducing Quality

Here are proven tools with widening applications. Main barriers are financing, farmer education and management skills. Drones A flying farmhand.  So accurately focuses spraying that it cuts water use by 30-50% and chemicals by 90%. Planting costs decreased by as much as 90% and weeding time spe

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2 thoughts on “Tech tools: Enhancing Tea Without Reducing Quality

  1. Hi, I wonder about the information regarding drones. I watched one spraying pesticide on a field, and I saw the pesticide drifting in the breeze. It seemed like a tremendous waste of pesticide plus an environmental hazard for the creatures living on the edge of the targeted area. Another time, I was riding my bicycle to work when I felt moisture on my face. It was a pesticide that a drone was spraying in a field that was quite a distance from me. Maybe drones can accurately deliver pesticides in controlled conditions, but much depends on weather conditions and human control. Lots of inexperienced users will make mistakes.

  2. Sensibly used, drones entirely avoid spraying and deliver a minimal and targeted jet right to the root – precision ag

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