Tea Roses

Tea Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Tea by Any Other Name Would Taste As Sweet These delicate rose varieties were originally named because their fragrance resembled […]

How Tea Can Improve Your Milk Supply

Many mothers feel they don’t produce enough milk, especially in the earlier days, weeks, or months after giving birth; after all, when you breastfeed, you can’t see exactly how much your baby is eating. What if increasing your milk supply was as easy as brewing a cup of tea?

Announcing the Health & Wellness Issue

Tea is proven to enhance the well-being of those who drink several cups a day. It inspires a process of discovery among imbibers, cultivating a deep appreciation for the growing, crafting, and preparation of great tasting tea. Finding your own favorite tea leads to a daily ritual and, in time, a healthy life-long habit.

The Studio: Muskan Khanna

Tea Studio celebrated its second birthday in August 2019. What it offers is a new model for processing tea in India. Small has not meant few teas. Nearly 90% of Tea Studio’s teas are exported to Canada, United States, Japan, and Australia. Teas are made to order, production is a modest 20 kilos a day.

Mindfulness at the Cupping Table

In The Power of Tea Meditation, we talked about applying mindfulness to overcome the brain’s automatic tendency to look for […]

Tea Discovery: Jin Jun Mei is a Wuyi Red Legend in the Making

Daniel Hong’s whimsical online profile picture has him adorning a Charlie Chaplin hat with an oversized black cardboard moustache.Chinese millennials don’t usually do whimsical, so I thought I might soon be meeting an over-the-top eccentric…

Health & Wellness: Tea for All Your Ages

Tea is a lifetime drink and as our life moves on and times change, so do our preferences and needs. Tea offers every age group dimensions of value and enjoyment that move with the rhythms of life’s stages. There is no one “best” tea, but always one for you, at your age.

Tea Discovery: Crab Pincer Tea

Eons of evolution in the ancient tea forests of China has established a complex and delicate biomass. The gnarled, pale-grey and green trunks of the oldest trees are home to myriad adaptations of spiders, lichen, and the tree parasite known to locals as crab pincer, a tea mistletoe.

Origin India: The Deep South

Balanoor Tea Estate, Karnataka   Piece of Cake His birthday was celebrated in a leafy residential section of Bangalore, one […]

Tiki and Tea, A Tea-Smoked Cocktail

William Prine, at L’Espalier, located at the Mandarin Oriental in Boston, has created this fabulous straight tiki style cocktail with Keemun and clove smoke that really brings it to life.

Smoking with Tea Leaves

Smoking with tea leaves is not that different from classic wood chip smoking, and in fact tea leaves and wood chips work beautifully together.

Tea Smoked Pork Loin

Pork takes particularly well to smoking techniques, especially those that are preceded by brining.

The Gift of Tea

Tea is the beverage that welcomes millions of holiday visitors in every land — instantly conveying warmth and comfort. Centuries […]

Tea the Hero Crop

Large government-supported tea estates are failing. Scarcity of labor, the cost of large-scale production and reliance on chemicals and pesticides […]

Harvest Review: South Korea

Green tea (nokcha in Korean) is called “sparrow’s tongue tea” (jaksulcha) due to the tea leaf’s delicate shape. In Korea, […]

Never at a loss for words…

Tea Journey was funded this week by more than 550 backers who contributed $127,500 making this magazine the third highest […]

Tea Roses

Tea Gifts for Your Valentine

A rose by any other name may smell like tea. These delicate rose varieties were originally named because their fragrance resembled tea.

Eternal Love Teapot


Teabloom’s glass Eternal Love Teapot features a pink, heart-shaped knob on the lid, and a pink glass loose tea infuser, and still manages to look charmingly romantic rather than corny.

Zhulu tea leaves

Of Morning Dew & Half-Day Sun – Taiwan’s Zhulu Tea

A high-mountain wulong known for its elegant aroma and sweet lingering aftertaste, Alishan Zhulu tea is appreciated by connoisseurs worldwide. Discover its story from Ren Zhi Deng, who was a catalyst in transforming his hometown into one of the most revered tea-producing areas in Taiwan.

Fish House Punch

‘Fish House Punch’ was created in 1732 at the The Schuylkill Fishing Company gentleman’s club in Philadelphia. This angling club, […]

Tea Cup Pendant

Tea Accessories

Diamonds may be a girl’s (or guy’s) best friends, but your tea-loving valentine may like one of these in a gift box even more. English jewelry designer Stephen Einhorn offers a teacup/saucer/spoon pendant in everything from sterling silver ($795) to 18-carat white gold ($7,650) to platinum ($9,500).

Making an Oleo Saccharum

A secret of good punches for the last 200 years is oleo saccharum (sweet oil).  This is made by muddling together […]

Orange Blossom Tea Spoons

Tea Utensils

These Orange Blossom Spoons are cast in pewter from an orange tree and finished in antique bronze. Accented with freshwater pearls and 24kt gold and silver plated orange blossoms. Crafted by Canadian Michael Michaud as part of his Table Art series which is modeled on natural botanical material.

Double Walled Valentines Cup


Gorgeous, modern, trendy, and affordable. Use this double-walled, borosilicate glass for your tea or coffee, espresso, cappuccino. Start your morning right, with love and kindness.

BRU Electric Brewer

Electric Brewers

BRÜ offers you the freedom to set your brewing time, water temperature and cup size at the twist of a dial and push of a button. The machine saves your previous settings so you can quickly repeat the process without having to change the settings every time. You don’t need to buy expensive tea capsules or pods to use BRÜ.

Stash White Christmas

Holiday Tea Blends

Holiday blends from several brands are limited-offer seasonal favorites.

Cuisinart CPK

Electric Kettles

Cordless 1.7-liter PerfecTemp stainless steel electric kettle with six preset heat settings and blue LED indicator lights. The power base offers 360-degree swivel for convenience. The scale filter is removable and washable and the kettle is equipped with boil-dry protection and auto safety shutoff.

Restful Tea and Tisanes

If you are wondering if tea can help you sleep better, the quick answer is yes so long as the tea is caffeine free.

India Strives for the Best in Quality [250 Page Special Issue]

Long before cut, tear and curl (CTC) dominated tea processing in the West, India exported sizeable quantities of handmade orthodox tea to an appreciative world market.

Small factories at small gardens cultivated the art of rolling and twisting and shaping tea. Artisan tea is labor intensive and tea masters are more selective about the leaves they accept.

The Gentleman Planter of Craigmore

Given that the Indian tea industry is struggling, Craigmore Tea Estate’s profitability offers important insights. The estate produces orthodox green and black tea, with the former exported and the latter sent to the auctions. Over the years, the balance has tilted to favor more green tea production to meet the demand.

Mindfulness at the Cupping Table

Researchers have identified that gratitude practices and encouraging positive feelings have direct effects on the immune system and cardiovascular system.

Biogenetics: Reducing the Mystery and Multiplying the Benefits of Tea

The foundation of genetic manipulation of tea is knowing what it is that you are manipulating. Tea’s a five-thousand year mystery tale. For every major fact we know, there is so much we have only been able to guess at or approximate about the “why” and “how” behind it.

Tea for Energy

If you want a pick me up, tea is hard to improve on. It is a gentler energizer than coffee, brings extra natural beneficial nutrients, is free of sugar, artificial stimulants and offers a range of flavors, which in itself can sharpen the senses and waken the metabolism.

Taiwan: Off the Beaten Path

With Taiwan’s compact size and its modern transport and communication infrastructure, one can easily visit a tea grower anywhere on […]

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