Tea in the Great Outdoors

Tea is lightweight hydration to enjoy on the go.

High adventure is not the first thing that comes  to mind for those who enjoy tea but tea is remarkably versatile companion outdoors, hot or cold. In 2021 the surge in outdoor activities and staycations boosted outdoor outings, car camping, picnics and trekking, leading enthusiasts to consume a lot more tea in the great outdoors.

Overmont | Camping Kettle
$12 | Overmont | Camping Kettle

A hand full of leaves is no burden to carry on a day hike, start the day with an infusion at home and then toss a few in your water bottle. Many teas brew at room temperature with additional time and agitation from walking or add loose leaf to your tea infuser bottle the night before and by mid-morning you’ll have a perfectly steeped quantity for the trail.

Here are five excellent reasons to take tea on a trek, courtesy of Mashup Tea: “Light and inexpensive, loose leaf tea takes up a relatively small amount of space and is a healthy hydration option that is so much more functional and enjoyable than water…”

  • Tea Keeps You in the Present
  • Tea Stabilizes Energy Levels
  • Tea Keeps you Hydrated
  • Tea Relieves Tired and Sore Muscles
  • Tea Improves Sleep

The article offers a daily routine for making tea on the trail or in camp with suggestions for morning, mid-day and evening tea.

“Depending on the time of year that you are hiking your body will crave either cooling iced teas or warming teas. Fruit-infused herbal iced teas or green teas can be the perfect addition to summer hiking,” writes Mashup.

Manufacturers in the past few years have invented light-weight tea kettles, tea travelers and portable brewers ideal for backpacking. Check out our curated suggestions linked below featuring iced tea makers, pitchers and picnic table teaware, and a delightful selection of refreshing summertime teas to take anywhere.

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