Puer Tea and Cardiovascular Health

Puer: Compressed, microbial, semi-infinite in variety Puer teas are “different.” Most tea drinkers will never sample one in their lifetime or even know about them. Most puer lovers will never exhaust the choices if they live to be a hundred – including trying ones even older than that. They are by far the most complex of teas, in terms of variety, processing, taste characteristics, marketing, counterfeiting, pricing, brewing, and history. You could go through this broad list and identi

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1 thought on “Puer Tea and Cardiovascular Health

  1. There is lots of info here it is overwhelming, I just want some good recommendations on the best teas for a healthy heart & anti-cancer herbal choices.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Drink three to five cups a day of green tea. The right choice is the tea that you find pleasing. It does not matter if the tea is made in Japan or China, India or Thailand, or Korea. The camellia sinensis cultivars grown the tea lands are similar. Among herbals, hibiscus and Hawthorne show promise in providing cardiovascular support, but no plant on earth has been the subject of more study than tea. It’s quite amazing how many good things plants can do. https://teajourney.pub/tea-and-heart-health-benefits-of-long-term-consumption/

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