Curios: First Tea Humidor

Encasing tea in these elegant jewelry cases of inlaid wood was deceptively challenging. This is because the world’s first tea humidor is exquisitely designed for modern travel — with all its variations in pressure, humidity, and temperature. It took artisans in France, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy four years to perfect the system which consists of mouth-blown crystal boxes outfitted with sterling silver two-way humidity controls. The airtight containers and are fitted with a stainless steel base to keep the scent of a favorite like jasmine from ruining a Darjeeling in the adjacent jar.

The inspiration for these works of art was Swedish interior designer Asa Eriksson-Ahuja whose husband complained at how difficult it is to keep tea fresh while on long trips.

Available in five designs, each of these humidors holds approximately 70 grams of loose-leaf tea. The humidors are fitted with special channels that help keep the humidity at between 55 and 70 percent at room temperature.

$ 8,750



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