Origin India: Rimpocha the Legacy of Makaibari

Siliguri, West Bengal During his 47-year stewardship of Makaibari Tea Estate, one of India’s oldest and most celebrated tea habitats, Rajah Banerjee, 70, instituted innovations that continue to reverberate globally. The 1,100-hectare estate w

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2 thoughts on “Origin India: Rimpocha the Legacy of Makaibari

  1. Thanks Dan! That`s a great and inspiring Tea journey by Rajah.
    I wish i can have him as my mentor,47 years experience in the industry is just admirable
    Enjoyed the read!

  2. WHAT AN INSPIRING AND INTERESTING STORY! i would like to explore deeper when i have time. And, it is a philosophy now transplanted to the African continent in Rwanda? Great. thank you for that. Chris Lightfoot

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