The Journey Begins


Half the world drank tea today. We intend to double that count.

Tea JourneyOur enthusiasm is unbounded when it comes to fine tea. We drink it hot. We drink it cold. We drink tea at dusk and dawn. We bake with it, use it to poach fish, blend it in our smoothies and add it to our salads. We stir tea-tinis and take tea after a fine meal with a dram of scotch. We enjoy its pleasant flavor and the calm wakefulness it brings. We benefit from its healing and protective properties. We desire the social ritual of tea and revel in the conversations that follow.

And not just any tea, we prefer tea made from the camellia sinensis plant. We prefer tea that is authentic. Tea that is pure. We love dark teas and white. We love yellow teas and green. We love the exotic wulong and puer. We love simple tea and blended tea. We love teas mixed with florals, fruits and the finest herbs and spices.

We love tea and we know that you will love it too.

Cha Dao Life
Cha Dao Life

Tea Journey is a collaborative venture founded by tea writers, expert tasters, fine tea importers, authors and tea educators. We are story tellers, traveling the ancient caravan roads and sea routes to the tea lands, returning with elusive and richly-detailed knowledge to share. Our reporters and editors are live in China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Africa and India. Publishing partners including Cha Dao Life and Puer Magazine print some of the finest magazines in China. These writers and editors work in their native tongue to insure authentic content that is later made readable in English by experienced editors and tea experts in the west.

Distribution is digital by app or web, downloadable to print. Spring, summer and winter issues are filled with recommendations, by region, of the best tea from each year’s harvest.


Special pricing makes the magazine available to readers in the tea lands where Western publications are often too expensive for even tea professionals to purchase. Subscribers have unlimited access to in-depth articles, beautiful photos, video and recordings that bring you to origin and teach you to select, source and prepare fine quality teas for less than $2.50 a cup.

Join us on a personal journey and discover your tea destiny.

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