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Now that paid subscribers outnumber our initial backers 2:1 I realize how important it is that you also be informed of our progress (and occasional setbacks).  Tea Journey remains a work-in-progress. All of us on the TEAm welcome your suggestions and benefit from your involvement.


World Tea Awards 2017           Best Tea Social Media Campaign

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All of our tea loving Kickstarter donors should take a bow because Tea Journey magazine received the 2017 World Tea Award for Best Tea Social Media Campaign this week.

On stage I could see several hundred of our founding sponsors, Kickstarter donors and loyal subscribers, a humbling moment that Susan and I owe to you. The magazine was cited for its remarkable launch on Kickstarter (No. 3 of more than 1,100 publications) and for our social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Rita Fong is doing a wonderful job as Social Media Marketer and was there at the winner’s table tweeting away when the announcement was made. Joining her were John Lawo, director of business development; associate publisher Nan Cui; our director of training and tea education Suzette Hammond and my lovely wife Susan who captained the Tea Journey booth (selling every copy that we sent to the show).

The magazine was also a finalist, for the second year in a row, in the competition for Best Tea Publication.
Three is charmed so next year we could add that award to our trophy case!


Origins Spring 2017

On sale on Amazon! All three print editions of Tea Journey are now available on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca. The latest issue: Origins Spring 2017 is shipping now. The previous issues are in stock.

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  • Travel to the origins of tea to quench your thirst for knowledge and refine your taste in tea.
  • In this issue Tea Journey travels to the steppes of Mongolia, the mountains of Nepal, the rainforest of Malaysia, the coastal plains of Brazil and walks the length of the ancient Tea Horse Road.
  • Award-winning cookbook author and tea sommelier Cynthia Gold share recipes for smoking foods with tea leaves. Enjoy her recipes for delicious pork loin, dainty quail, smoked salmon, and a new Tiki and Tea cocktail.
  • Determining tea quality by sight is difficult, but float those same leaves, after steeping, in a shallow white porcelain tray and you can quickly tell whether the money you just paid for the special tea is well spent.
  • Elephants in the tea gardens of India are more frequently in conflict with humans competing for diminishing habitat. Ankur Chaturvedi in Kolkata offers his view on the need for an elephant corridor to avoid further harm.

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Travel the length of the ancient Tea Horse Road with Jeff Fuchs and learn from Mainbayar Badarch how to make Mongolian tea in a yurt with nomadic shepherds. Visit the ancient tea forest in Jingmai, China with Dan to taste puer singed with a hot coal in a gourd shaken by Bulang tribal chief Nankang.

Hungry for BBQ? Tea sommelier Cynthia Gold shares recipes for tea smoked pork loin, salmon, and quail. Meet Obaatian, a grandmother who revived specialty tea cultivation near Sao Paulo, Brazil. Witness the tragedy of human-elephant conflict and learn from Austin Hodge a clever way to test whether the high-priced fine tea you just bought meets the quality standard. Felicia Stewart describes the best places to visit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on a tea vacation while Anne-Marie Hardie relates the history of Ceylon Tea on the 150th year of its planting in Sri Lanka… lots more to enjoy by clicking teajourney.pub

Remember to visit Tea Journey in Booth 418 at the World Tea Expo June 13-15 where you can pick up a print copy of the Origins 2017 issue. The 150-page magazine goes to press in late May. Paid subscribers will receive a link to the latest eMag at that time.

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Around here we have a saying, “Wait until three snows after the crows before you plant.” The big black cacklers arrived about three weeks ago and the third snow after the crows fell last week. Winnipeg had our second snowiest December on record 25 inches (64 cm). Our last storm was April 23.


World Tea Expo is accepting nominations for:

Best Tea Publication – Any print publication including magazines and books published within the last two years. Your nomination should be for a publication that provides top quality, timely information about tea or any aspect of the tea industry.


Will you consider nominating Tea Journey. The publication was a finalist in last year’s competition.
Thanks to your generosity this year we have two issues to enter with a third on press shortly.

Tea Journey Inaugural Issue Spring 2016

Past Issues

The TJ TEAm appreciates your continued support,





I write to share our progress and to urge your continued support for our venture.

Here is a link to the latest eMag:


Here is the link to the charter edition eMag:


The April “Origins 2017” issue will post in 60 days with an eMag and print edition to follow in May. Distribution will be at World Tea Expo.

Note that the annual Gifting issue is an app- and web-only issue. It posted in November and was updated through December to bring readers last-minute deals and holiday gift ideas.

There is no eMag for this edition because these take six weeks to layout and distribute and would have arrived well after the holidays. That was unclear in my initial Kickstarter description. Please accept my apology.

In the eight months since launch, Tea Journey has published more than 150 authentic, authoritative articles and posts—many translated from origin languages and re-told in nuanced English. These articles are brought to life with original video, audio recordings, and slideshows.

Tea is more than a beverage; it is a cultural experience shared by millions and so, too, are these articles. They are generating lots of shares and comment. Tea Journey‘s Facebook community is vibrant with 3,000 followers. The amazing photography uploaded to Instagram has attracted thousands of followers and impressions. Our Twitter account reached 5 million people during the Kickstarter campaign and has 1,400 followers. Facebook remains our strongest platform with thousands of likes and follows, and thousands of retweets and shares. Rita Fong is doing a terrific job promoting Tea Journey on these platforms. Remember to share whenever you see an article you like.

The first “Origin”, “Harvest Review”, and “Gifting” issues are online and available in both the iOS and Android apps. To view click past issues. The eMag has proven popular both for its portability and clean design when viewed in tablets and smart phones. The premiere edition was printed in July and reprinted two months later to meet demand. The Harvest Review was printed in January.

This was later than planned for a number of reasons for which I am entirely responsible.

Publishing content online, followed by an eMagazine with print-on-demand copies to follow reduces expenses and conserves forests. Fulfillment has been a challenge due to software revisions but distribution will soon shift to Amazon, which should boost visibility, reliability, and print sales.

Subscribers number in the thousands and and live in 38 countries. Additional distribution includes more than 35,000 newsletter recipients of which 25,000 are beverage professionals, including beverage program directors and tearoom owners likely to purchase tea.

One-third of our paid subscribers read the magazine in apps. Our demographics show the majority are influential Millennials who are passionate about the teas they drink with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

Renewals are underway.  Let me know if you have not received a notice by June 30.

Tea Journey invites you to renew so that we can continue to grow social media, online and mobile readership of greater value to all.

Warm regards from wintery Winnipeg,



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