Stylish Teapots

Having the perfect teapot on hand can only enhance the tea experience—especially with so many teapots available, each with its own personality and functionality.

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Stylish Teapots

Having the perfect teapot on hand can only enhance the tea experience—especially with so many teapots available, each with its own personality and functionality.

Bro-mancing the Stone-Pressed Puerh Cake

Men have for centuries dominated the professional tea industry as tea buyers, sellers, traders, and plantation owners. They have also led as change agents and tea masters in the cultural tea arts, from the Japanese tea ceremony to gongfu cha in China and Taiwan. Gifting tea to and from men has long been a tradition in Asia.

Harvest Review: Africa

Rains essential to the 2016 flush throughout East Africa arrived too soon or they arrived in torrents too late — but mainly they didn’t arrive at all.

Tea Gifts for Children

From nursery rhymes to imaginary parties with dolls and teddy bears, tea time captures children’s imagination like nothing else.

Tea on Campus

Tea is not only fast becoming a beverage of choice to help college students with late-night study crunching, it is also a source of community-building in the dorms.

Treasured Taste

In a category filled with smooth ceramic surfaces, the Twelve Tastes Teapot by Spin Ceramics stands out. Made out of rare Zisha clay, the teapot is produced through an involved, meticulous process.

Harvest Review: Argentina

The harvest is just beginning in Argentina, the southernmost tea growing region in the world. This year November temperatures were unusually cool at the beginning of spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

Modern Tea Trends Take a Decidedly Victorian Turn in London

The quintessentially English custom of afternoon tea is experiencing a serious renaissance in London with dozens of hotels and tea salons offering both traditional services and those updated for a modern palate and sensibility.

For the Hostess, Tea is the New Wine

Looking for that perfect hostess gift? According to many experts, tea may be just as good a choice as wine—if not a better one.

Piping Hot

Tradition meets technology in the hottest thing to happen to bone china in recent history: a built-in heater. Glowstone is a heated smart mug created to conquer the task of keeping your tea or other hot beverage at optimum temperature.

Tea Towel Treasures

A new launch from those creative minds at Spoonflower brings Roostery to the marketplace, offering custom home décor, including tea towels, placemats, napkins, throw pillows and even occasional chairs.

The Sweetest Sugar

The sugar cube has evolved quite a bit and, although it’s not as commonly used as other forms of sweetener, it remains a nicety that makes any tea tray or table a bit more special.

Brewing Euphoria

For tea lovers who appreciate the complexity of tea—and have $1,500 to spend—the new Teforia machine employs advanced machine-learning to take tea’s thousands of years of history and modernizes it for today.

The Wall

These exquisite teas make perfect samplers to tantalize the palette. From shop favorites to a collection of chai Cornelia Bean will customize your order. Enhance the experience further, infuse these teas in the beautifully hand crafted glass tea infuser, The Wall.

ORIGINS: Japan’s Higashiyama Tea Grass Gardens

In the foothills of Mt. Fuji lies the village of Higashiyama where Chagusaba agriculture, a UN-designated Globally Important World Agricultural Heritage System, is a way of life for tea farmers.

Green Tea Supplements under Scrutiny in Europe

The European Food Safety Association (EFSA) is under renewed pressure from the European Commission to investigate the safety of concentrated green tea catechins in supplements.

Weighing the Promises of Tea’s Weight-Loss Benefits

Although there’s certainly some evidence, and lots of hype, that the catechins and/or epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in green tea promotes better weight management, the number of human studies in this field is still quite limited.

Holiday Teas

Tea vendors make something special of the holidays with seasonal blends, special gift tins and packaging and scented teas to warm the home.

Ju Pu Cha

The uplifting citrusy aroma from dried tangerine is deftly balanced with the plummy, earthy and glowing vintage puer.

Brewer Magic

Shopping for a brewer? Tea Journey covers the globe looking for innovative and advanced tea brewers to make every kind of team from matcha to machine-learning internet operated models.

Kanchenjunga: Five Treasures of the Great Snow Mountain

Parts of Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan are within view of Mt. Kanchenujunga a majestic icon whose five peaks look down on famous tea gardens in Darjeeling, Sikkim, Kalimpong, Pedong, Ilam, Hile and Taplejung.

Four Symbols Premium Chinese Tea

Four Symbols teas are sourced in the unique tea lands of China, harmonizing the artisanship of man with nature to produce authentic specialty loose-leaf tea.

Palette for Your Palate

Thirty world-renowned chefs and mixologists were challenged to create a recipe for a tea entrée, tea dessert and tea cocktail, drawing inspiration from Tealeaves’ teabag collection and one out of 10 PANTONE colors.

Mary Cotterman: Entranced by the Spinning Wheel

At a very young age, Cotterman developed a passion for pottery, making pinch pots in the rocky Texas dirt of her yard. By the age of 12, she had her first formal experience with a throwing wheel during a summer camp class.

Wuyi’s Rock Tea: Treasure Mountain

Long into the night tea grower Yihua Luo keeps a watchful eye over the new harvest roast. It is the critical final stage of the most intricate processing technique of any tea. He hasn’t slept in 32 hours.

Mammoth Tusk Teaset

Apple Computer designer Marc Newson recently unveiled a five-piece mammoth-ivory tea set for Georg Jensen, a Danish metalware brand.

Whimsical Tea Fish

Charm Villa’s whimsical tea bags are constructed of a Japanese fabric that requires 16 steps to make by hand.

In Search of the Elusive Tai Ping Hou Kui

Every tea taster dreams of discovering a remote, virtually inaccessible growing region producing exceptional tea. The discovery of Tai Ping Hou Kui was just such an experience for us.

A Call for Standards

The last decade has seen a boom in what the industry calls ‘Specialty Tea’, but if you ask for a definition you will come away confused.

What is so special about ‘Specialty Tea’?

A Rendezvous with Chance

Patterns in glazed tea bowls from the imperial Jianyao Kiln are “mysterious, sacred and transcendent” and some of the most celebrated national treasures in Japan.

Chigusa: Ancient Japanese Diaries as an Art of Tea

Particularly fine items used in these Japanese tea rituals were designated as meibutsu, or revered objects, by the tea men. Chigusa is a meibutsu tea jar and one of the most famous of several hundred antique ceramic storages jars still in existence.

Tea is the New Wine

Think of your personal relationship to wine. When you first discovered wine and how you learned to appreciate it. Most importantly, retrace how you learned about wine and why a particular wine became your favorite. Now, imagine rediscovering that awakening, education and discovery. It is time for Grand Cru Tea.

Tea Mixology

Tea is a flexible botanical that belongs behind the bar and can inspire a mixologist from many directions. The role of tea continuously evolved in Modern craft cocktails.

New Zealand’s Tea Evolution

New Zealanders are determined tea drinkers ranking 6th worldwide in per capita consumption. Supermarket teas dominate but offerings have evolved beyond canisters of traditional loose-leaf blends. Artisan merchants and entrepreneurs have found their niche in specialty tea blends so expect further expansion and innovation.

Garden Hopping in Queensland

Visitors to the Northern Queensland, Australia, can still find a handful of tea estates in an area called the ‘Wet Tropics’ – go there before the rest of the world catches on and lose yourself in the peacefulness and timelessness of a heritage that’s gone but not forgotten.

The Key to Weight Loss: Is it Caffeine or Tea Itself?

Connections have been shown in the past between caffeine-containing beverages and weight loss. But what is it that actually produces the result? In the case of tea, is it the caffeine or is it the tea?

Too Hot to Handle?

If you drink your tea very hot, that may increase your risk of cancer, according to a World Health Organization research agency.